The Fastest Route to Success

Since its inception in 1994, the Pharr International Bridge has been a major hub in the export and distribution industries. Known for its ideal location for centralized distribution throughout North and South America, its choice inspection facilities and cost effective operations, the bridge was initially built out of necessity as an international corridor. In nearly 20 years of operation, the bridge crossing has grown into the fourth largest port of entry in the southern U.S. and is the site of 1,600 to 1,800 commercial truck crossings per day, while still featuring the lowest tolls fees in the state and an average wait time of only 40 minutes.

The Pharr International Bridge takes prides in being one of the most convenient commercial border crossings in the United States. The Pharr Industrial Zone, immediately beside the bridge, features six cold storage stations to help maintain produce during inspections for the nearly 470,716 commercial trucks that cross the bridge yearly. The bridge is also located with five minutes of two major airports including McAllen International and General Lucio Blanco International in Reynosa, which allows for ease of access for international air cargo.

As one of the leading export routes in the industry, the City of Pharr has solidified its reputation as a hub for international export and manufacturing. Our city currently owns 70 feet of right-of-way for future expansion and our booming produce district has 300 more acres available for development as demand increases.

If you want your company to benefit from all the advantages of being a part of a thriving produce district that is next to one of the most convenient and most efficient border crossings in the United States, consider Pharr for your center of operations.