Cinco De Mayo To Mark An Enormous Increase In Avocado Exportation

The upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday is expected to generate record profits for American produce distributors. The avocado is in high demand for exportation from California and Mexico with volumes expected to significantly increase throughout April. Despite the fruit lacking substantial size and weight due to lack of rainfall and low temperatures, March’s moderate weather is expected to change that.

California is expected to export over 500 million pounds of avocados in 2013 alone, taking the top spot in terms of the highest distribution amount for a single crop. In the United States, just over 87 million pounds are expected to be distributed just for Cinco de Mayo, the highest amount ever recorded. Last year, avocado distribution within the U.S. was only 33 million pounds. The increase of over double the previous year’s amount comes as a surprise to the industry.

The industry also expects to ship about 40 million pounds per week leading up to the holiday. According to Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the Hass Avocado Board, independent businesses and some large food chains will benefit with retail distributors such as grocery stores declaring the highest demand. The U.S. Department of Agriculture further added to the industry’s optimism when it announced that the price of two-layer cartons of Hass avocados increased a dollar; an average of $31.25 – $32.25 from last year’s $30.25 – $31.25.

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