Preserving Your Produce: The Benefits of Cold Storage Units

Cold storage units can be godsends for produce companies needing to store goods prior to shipment. High temperatures, especially in urban environments, can prematurely age and wither valuable fruits and vegetables, thus decreasing their value and failing to satisfy those demanding the produce.

Temperature Control

The temperature that keeps produce fresh is vital, usually reaching up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above will ensure that fruits and vegetables will ripen quicker, thus the chances of the product making it to its destination in a healthy state decreases. Manufacturers will do everything in their power to prevent their goods from being exposed to harsh temperatures. The same goes for climates that are extremely cold. Like any living organism, exposure to extremely low temperatures can damage or destroy produce. A controlled temperature environment means controlling the condition of whatever it may be you’re delivering.

Delivery of Grade-A Products

Freight companies and other businesses in the field of produce delivery run on tight schedules. Without a cold storage unit that works to preserve the quality of your product, companies, at times, deliver goods that are subpar. Due to this, companies risk losing clients and revenue. Utilizing cold storage units ensures that the product will arrive timely and in an acceptable condition. Keeping the client’s customers satisfied will keep the client satisfied.

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