South Texas To Greatly Benefit From Booming Mexican Produce Industry

Business is booming in the South Texas region thanks in part to the soaring traffic of fruits and vegetables being transported from Mexico. The area has been recognized as being a powerhouse of produce distribution due to it being the number one location of importing and exporting fruits and vegetables in the country. Each year, Mexico exports billions of dollars’ worth of fresh and frozen produce into the United States, and the South Texas region sees an enormous amount of it.

At The Center Of The Market

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, in 2011 alone, $6.4 billion worth of produce was exported from Mexico into the U.S. Of all produce exported into the country, Mexico was responsible for 46 percent of it, three times more than the second largest exporter of goods, Canada. Texas-based producers have made the move to grow their crops south of the border in order to better keep up with the booming produce market, which consists of fruit and vegetable distribution in the U.S.

An Example Of Success

According to Progreso Produce president Curtis DeBerry, Mexico can step in and provide fresh produce at times when the U.S. cannot. The Boerne, Texas-based produce company first expanded into Tampico, Mexico 30 years ago and has since seen its profits soar due to growing up to 70 percent of its produce south of the border.

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