Company Launches New Cold-Storage Humidification System

The manufacturer of advanced non-wetting industrial humidifiers, Smart Fog, recently launched a revolutionizing cold-storage humidification system that can sanitize and disinfect simultaneously.

The technology used in the new ES100H-2 can cover several areas from a central base as disinfectant spreads to attached rooms. The system functions by producing a dry mist of atomized material made out of any water-soluble disinfectant material.

Smart Fog designed the humidifier as an automated system that provides hands-free convenience and requires simple maintenance. The 4.2 micron droplets generated in the humidifier deeply penetrate every surface within a given area. It can be used in food processing centers and cold storage units alike.

“With our systems, facility & QA managers don’t have to worry about the introduction of contaminants into the space,” said Miriam Goldstein of Smart Fog in an interview. “By producing completely non-wetting fog, food storage facilities are able to extend the life without compromising on the quality.”

The ES100H-2 system can help companies save money and meet the requirements of regulation organizations.  The humidifier functions in a way that avoids the waste of chemicals. Also, the sanitation and disinfection process put out by ES100H-2 meets FDA and USDA humidification requirements for food storage and processing plants.

According to the manufacturer, the system is easy to install and features advanced technology for automated control to make monitoring and upkeep simple for the user.

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