New Legislation Will Boost Economic Activity

Support for a new piece of legislation regarding Mexican truck permits, which would allow overweight trucks to use certain roads in south Pharr, McAllen, and Mission, could be a boon for the local economy in the coming years. The bill was initially proposed by the City of Pharr in hopes of bringing more job opportunities for residents and international businesses alike.

The McAllen Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)was confronted by a trade association in the fresh produce industry to back the bill – HB 474 with the Pharr EDC. A significant increase in the amount of trucks transporting produce into the U.S. from Mexico is expected once a superhighway is built. The new construction will connect Tamaulipas with Durango and the west coast port of Mazatlán.

“At the moment, produce on some of the trucks has to be unloaded in Reynosa in order to be legal in the U.S. Because it is perishable, unloading the produce on a 100-degree day impacts this industry. We want t avoid that,” said MEDC President and CEO Keith Patridge.

Arizona has had an overweight corridor permit for many years through the city of Nogales. The MEDC predicts that the RGV will start taking business from Nogales as early as the end of the year once the superhighway and bridge across the western Sierra Madre mountain range are built.

The piece of legislation would allow the corridor to run to the Pharr and Anzaldua International Bridges and permit truckers to cross and unload produce in ports around south Pharr, Mission and McAllen. A general fee would be charged to truckers wishing to pass and collected by the Hidalgo County Mobility Authority for the upkeep of the roads. The new permits ad fee charges would provide multiple benefits to the economy.

State Rep. Sergio Muñoz , D-Mission, representing south Pharr and Mission, including the international bridges, is carrying the legislation through the Texas House. Muñoz is excited about what the passing of the bill would mean to the area. By facilitating commerce in the produce industry in Texas, opportunities to promote economic activity and growth would rise. “We will get a lot more trucks using our ports. That means more warehousing and more jobs,” said Muñoz.

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